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Fikes Air Deodorizers are different than many other air deoderizers on the market in that they naturally eliminate, rather than cover-up odors. We utilize essential oils and special aromatic formulas that actually counteract with odor molecules. Unlike aerosols, these fan-driven systems do not rely upon the emission of solids into the air.

Fikes Air Fresheners
can be conveniently and discreetly mounted under sinks, behind fixtures and out of sight. All you notice is a pleasant odor-free environment. Rated as one of the most inexpensive solutions on the market, we will furnish and maintain your deodorizers on a regular 4-week basis. There is no equipment to purchase or long-term commitments. All deodorizer systems are adjustable with over 55+ long lasting fragrances to choose from. Our Odor Control mission is to ensure your restrooms smell pleasant and are odor-free.

Fragrances Available:
Apple Jack, Baby Powder, Cinnamon, CinnaSpice, Cool Breeze, Fall Harvest, Fresh Cherry, Fresh Linen, Grape, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Key Lime, Lavender, Lemon, Lilac, Mango, Mulberry, Orange, Pina Colada, Pine, Raine, Spice, Strawberry, Tropicana, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla Cream, Wintermint and Woodlands.  We even carry a "No Fragrance" fragrance for odor-sensitive areas.

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At less than $2/week, can you really afford to NOT use our service?